Swedish Gundog League Gun Club

We have started a Gun Club within the Swedish Gundog League. The Gun Club is for hunters with an interest in gundogs and  wants to shoot and take part in an association of people that promote SGL's testing activities for  gundogs.

 As a member of the Gun’s Club you will be able to shoot at a greatly reduced price on our trials and take part in other activities like clay shooting at reduced price. The shoots will primarily be in southern Sweden (ie from Uppsala and south) and also in Denmark.

You will also have a possibility to take part in other shooting adventures and travels outside SGL's trials together with our sponsors, for example to the UK.

 We are very pleased that Susegårdens Shootingschool, with its highly experienced and talented instructors, is the main sponsor of the SGL Gun Club. This means, among other things, that the Susegården sponsors a two-day shooting training for SGL GunClub members, which includes 24 people each time with 6 instructors, ammunition and lunch. The funding the club gets from the arrangements will be used for purchasing of hunts for field trials in the fall.

 Annual membership fee is 1000 SEK (approx 100 GBP) per year. The application for non-swedish members is made by e-mailing eby sending an e-mail to to gudrun.anstren@telia.com. Do you have questions about the Gun Club please send an e-mail to gudrun.anstren@telia.com

As a member, we communicate through a closed facebook group where only members have access to information and offers. Information is also available on the SGL website under the Gun Club.

 At the moment we have about 30 members but hope for more than that. We hope, together with all members, to develop the SGL GunClub to a club where we will have fun and get an opportunity for many great shooting daysand other acti vities. Please give suggestions and thoughts on how we can