Ronnie Farrelly

I have been involved with training and competing with my gundogs in field trials and working tests since 1987. Since then I have made up 4 field trial champions and won trials with several other dogs. I have represented Ireland in International working tests over 40 times in Ireland and different parts of the UK with 7 different dogs having won top overall retriever on several occasions. I am an "A" panel judge the past 30 years, having judged the Irish Retriever championship on 5 occasions and several other field trials and working tests in 14 other countries. In the shooting season I pick up with my 4 dogs 2 days a week at my local shoot " Irish Duck Shooting " in Castledillon unless I am otherwise engaged competing with my dogs or judging at Field Trials.I am honoured to have been asked to judge your championship this year. I would like to wish all the competitors the very best of luck and may the best dog win.
 Ronnie Farrelly Tealwood kennels